Peru-Harri is the museum that Iñaki Perurena has dedicated to stone in a mountain setting. Located 2 kilometres from the town of Leitza on the NA-1700 road to Uitzi, a large 'thumb' indicates the crossroads to the museum. It is a place in the Pyrenees where stones, myths, challenges and history come together; access is through a limestone arch.

It is a different type of museum, in which Iñaki and his son Inaxio relate history and culture through stone. On one hand, there are large outdoor sculptures such as the giant harrijasotzaile (stone lifter), 8 metres high and weighing 40 tonnes. Then there is a three-storey stone and wood farmhouse containing photographs, clothes worn in stone lifting competitions, memorabilia and - above all - stones. Many stones of different shapes, sizes and weights - and each one tells its own story.

The best way to visit is with a guide, but not any old guide... in this museum the Perurena family, its owners and creators, will also be your hosts.

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Gorritiko Gazta is a family-run business that makes Designation of Origin Idiazabal sheep’s milk cheese. José Fermín Balda looks after the Latxa sheep herd while his wife Maria Teresa Ciraco makes the cheese.

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